What we do

Clarify your vision

We start by making sure we understand and share your vision and goals.

Learn about your business

We investigate the ins and outs of your business and customers, and get to the essence of what makes you different, identifying gaps that hinder growth.

Collaborate on a growth solution

We use data, creativity, technology, and strategic thinking to achieve your goals with visible results, working closely with you throughout the process.

How we do it


Customer Research

Identify what your customers care about.

Research + Discovery

Customer Data Analysis

Customer Interviews

Customer Journey Mapping

Testimonial Analysis

Social Listening

Ethnographic Study


Research Summary

Customer Personas

Customer Feedback

Strategic Recommendations

Actionable Insights


Brand Strategy + Identity

Express who you are and how you want to be remembered.

Research + Discovery

Business Discovery

Product/Service Analysis

Industry Research

Competitor Research

Stakeholder Interviews

Brand Strategy

Purpose, Values, and Vision




Value Proposition

Features vs. Benefits

Brand Messaging

Voice & Tone

Tagline Development

Brand Story


Brand Launch Strategy

Branded Content

Visual Identity

Logo Design



Marketing Collateral

Branded Templates


Website Design + Management

Engage users and turn them into customers.

Research + Discovery

User Behaviour Tracking

Google Analytics Analysis

Competitor Research

User Interviews

Content Analysis


User Personas

User Journey Mapping

Technical Planning

Information Architecture

User Flow

Content Planning

Content Development


UX Writing

SEO Content


Website Design



Features design

Website Build

Quality Assurance

Custom Solutions


Backend setup

Optimization + Testing

Performance Testing

User Testing

Quality Assurance

A/B Testing

Accessibility Testing


Server Upkeep

Website Uptime Monitoring

Managing DNS

Content Updates

Security Updates


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Drive organic and relevant traffic to your website.

On-Page Optimization

Keyword research

Meta titles

Meta description

Content optimization

Content development

Technical Optimization

Google search compliance

Structured data

Local Search

Google Business Profile

Local keyword optimization

Citations & business directories

Reports + Measuring

Metrics Reporting

Goal Tracking

Our clients

What are clients saying?

An enlightening experience and invaluable undertaking

“Superb communication, engaging, personable, highly responsive, and able to adhere to aggressive timelines - an enlightening experience that helped GC better understand how to position itself in a highly competitive marketplace. Yael and Gurvir are highly professional, detail oriented, patient and take the time to understand their clients needs and potential. An invaluable undertaking, skillful execution and highly recommended for any business looking to better understand and grow their customer base.

Ophyr Mourad

Gutenberg Certs

We’re now more effective in every other aspect of our business

"I started working with GreenX to initiate our social media presence. I was impressed with their energy and enthusiasm, which were the main factors in deciding to work with them. I felt that we needed that energy to successfully implement our strategy after many failed attempts trying to do it ourselves. What I didn’t realize was that Green X would not only help us launch our social media presence, but would be able to provide much more value than I could have imagined. Through many meetings and discussions, Green X was able to help us clarify our brand strategy, which has allowed us to be more effective in every other aspect of our business. They helped us successfully get our social media strategy started, and when we were ready, they helped us transition it inhouse. Thank you for the good work you have done, and for helping to keep Body + Soul Fitness on a successful path."

Darren Katz

Owner, Body + Soul Fitness

Professionals who will produce exactly what you want

“Wow! I can't say enough good things about GreenX. We used them to develop our website (third time around in 5 years)!! We have NEVER worked with a company that is so professional, on point, detail oriented, results driven with a very clear process. They outlined every step of the project and made sure we were extremely involved along the way. Now we have a website that works for us, is simple, clear and easy to navigate. We will continue to use their services and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a team of professionals who will produce exactly what you want. Best of all, they are transparent and honest along the way. Thank you Yael and Gurvir!! You guys are the best.”

Elysha Phillpots

Owner, LIFT Physiotherapy

They treat your business as if it’s their own

“I was referred to GreenX by a fellow female entrepreneur. I had an initial call with Yael to understand what GreenX does and how they could help me with my branding and website. When I got the initial quote I was ready to walk away as I felt it was beyond my budget. Yael was persistent and continued to follow up with me, highlighting the value of the services. I was very impressed with Yael. Even though this company is fairly new I felt that this team of Yael and Gurvir were the perfect fit for me. Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Yael and Gurvir will take your project on and treat your business as if it’s their own. They are organized and very detail oriented. They dig deep, asking lots of questions to truly understand your business and your customers' needs. A website isn’t built in a day. After interviewing me, the owner, and then my clients, there is copy editing and design editing too. The team welcomed feedback and were able to pivot throughout the project. Yael and Gurvir would send friendly reminders to keep me on task asking for feedback and making sure I was doing the homework I needed to do. Every phone call or online meeting was always followed up with summary notes and a positive message “you got this” “ it’s going to be amazing etc.” I never felt rushed or pressured throughout the project.

GreenX also surrounds itself with amazing copywriters and extremely talented photographers. The final result is a fabulous website. A website I am so proud to share. A website that explains my service offerings in a clear concise way, gives insight into who I am and who the people who work with me are. I also have pages of invaluable research to refer back to. So that initial quote that scared me away in hindsight is truly worth every penny. As the old saying goes…”you have to spend money to make money”. I’m on my way….”

Nancy Duckman

Owner, Ducks in a row T.O.

They fully embraced our vision

“We were creating a website from scratch, and knew nothing. GreenX walked us through the entire process. Gurvir and Yael answered all our rookie questions, were so unbelievably patient, spoke in terms we could understand, and explained every detail and option to us. They were, and still are, so quick to get back to us answering any of our questions, and giving explanations as to why or why not certain things would work well for our site. They fully embraced our vision for the site and made it feel warm and cozy just like we had envisioned. It was obvious right from the start that they take great pride in making sure that together we could create a website that we would all be proud of. They succeeded 100%!”

Heidi Clapham

Co-Founder, The Cove Global

I’m proud of how our firm is presented

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with GreenX. I engaged them to update and modernize our website. I worked with Yael and Gurvir and both of them exceeded all expectations. They responded promptly to all questions and requests (even if we were slow to respond back to them). Ultimately, GreenX produced a product that expresses our firm in a way that is true to our core philosophy and in a way of which we can be proud. I cannot recommend GreenX highly enough.”

Dani Frodis

Owner, Frodis Family Law

Immediate response times and high attention to detail

“Your process has been extremely thorough and detail oriented. You have listened attentively and asked pertinent questions to gain an understanding of what we wanted. This is our third website build out. Our first buildout was done by a large media company specializing in advertising. They did not spend a quarter of the time building out our website as you have. Thank you! It is exactly what we want. Your professionalism, attention to detail, the fact that you listen to all of our concerns, the fact that your response time is immediate, the fact that we felt like we were your only clients and that the focus was solely on us, the time and effort you put into our project, the end result and everything in between.”

Adam Chang

Owner, LIFT Physiotherapy

Working with them has been effortless and easy

“We started an ambitious campaign to rebrand our business, revamp our website and improve our social media presence. Throughout the whole process both Yael and Gurvir have remained committed to delivering on our shared vision. Working with them has been effortless and easy. They are both knowledgeable, professional, excellent communicators and most importantly passionate about what they do. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who was interested in marketing their business in the most up-to-date and creative way!”

Adam Maisels

Managing Dentist, Dentistry on Liverpool

My unknown readership jumped to unimaginable heights

“I am an academic infectious diseases physician whose main area of interest is the optimal use of antibiotics to tackle drug-resistance. When the COVID-19 pandemic became reality in Canada in Winter 2020, I pivoted, and started using my expertise to educate family and friends about COVID-19. Using traditional email, I wrote weekly newsletters to put information into context, to advise, and also to reassure. At first, I sent to about 30 people, but within a few months, my list grew to around 120 people, knowing that many more were reading these emails second-hand. I continued this for 6 months. Until GreenX. GreenX helped me develop a digital strategy. Taking me from unwieldy, amateur emails, they worked with me to first standardize my emails using an electronic email subscription service. What this allowed me to do was not only manage subscribers, but also to keep track of my reach, have an email template (or brand), and to simplify adding more complex content such as embedded graphics and video. The last element of this strategy was a web presence. They quickly developed a clean, custom website, covidemails.com, that matched my brand, and made it easier for people to read old content. Now, when I want to reference a prior article, I can point to it on my website. What has happened since starting with GreenX? I went from 120 “subscribers” after my first 6 months of emailing, to almost 7000, 5 months later. My unknown readership jumped to unimaginable heights, and I now know that roughly 30-35 thousand readers read my newsletter each week. The weekly “open” rate is roughly 80%, compared to what industry experts say is the average of 15-25%. To be clear: GreenX has MADE covidemails.com and my weekly emails the success they are. I am only kicking myself that I didn't enlist in March 2020!!!”

Dr. Andrew Morris

Founder, Covid Emails

Let’s work together.

We’re ready to learn about your business and help bring your vision to life.


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